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 Transition Home For Girls 

Sex trafficking is a major problem in Moldova because of the young boys and girls being put out of the state run orphanages at age 14. Many of them end up on the streets and ultimately end up in the sex trade. The Transition Homes are operated by New Hope Moldova and we partner with them in trying to help girls to be able to have a safe place to live and to finish high school. I was able to take about 45 skeins of wool yarn and some ribbon to the girls at the Transition Home in Orhei, Moldova, for them to make woolen scarves and bracelets for sale back here in the US. Our team of ladies taught them how to make these items last March and so they are very adept at making them now. When I went back through Orhei to go back to Chisinau and then back to the US, they had 45 scarves and 35 bracelets ready for me to bring back with me. We sell these items and the proceeds go back to the girls and can go into their individual savings account or for other usage for them personally.

Pastor Sid

Orhei Transition Home
Soldanesti Transition Home
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